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UN humanitarian chief calls for continued assistance for Syria

During a visit to Turkey, Valerie Amos reminded the international community of the gravity of this humanitarian crisis and said that additional support is needed ahead of the long winter.

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Population growth far outpaces food supply in the Sahel

While the population grew rapidly, the production of crops remained essentially unchanged. Researchers warn that global warming and insurgencies will further exacerbate the food scarcity in the region.

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Cholera outbreaks spreading in Ghana and Lake Chad Basin

With almost 21,000 cases, Ghana has recorded a new record number, and the outbreak has already spread along the coast to Togo and Benin. The situation in Lake Chad Basin is of concern as well.


Cities as an area of risk

For the first time, the World Risk Index analyzed 140 countries for the risk their urban populations face, based on 21 indicators such as urban population living in slums and urban literacy.

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