States must end flow of weapons that fuels human suffering - ICRC

The vice-president of the ICRC has appealed for countries around the world to cease supplying arms and ammunition to parties to armed conflict who violate international humanitarian law.

Kenya + 1 other

Fighting in South Sudan forces tens of thousands to refugee camps

New, violent fighting in South Sudan has caused around 90,000 people to flee to the neighbouring countries. Most have arrived in Uganda, but also in Kakuma Camp in Northern Kenya.


UNHCR warns worse is yet to come in Iraq as it prepares for more IDPs

"Even with the best-laid plans, there will be insufficient camps for all families needing shelter and we need to prepare other options," said the Agency's representative in Iraq.

Uganda + 2 others

Appeal for urgent response to Uganda refugee crisis

The Government and UNHCR are establishing eight new camps. However, this is insufficient to cope with the pace of new arrivals: about 1,700 South Sudanese are arriving in Uganda each day.

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