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Diplomats agree ‘cessation of hostilities;’ UN rights chief warns of dire situation in Aleppo

According to the ISSG statement, “to accelerate the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid, sustained delivery of assistance shall begin this week” in seven besieged areas inside Syria.

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El Niño set to have a devastating impact on Southern Africa’s harvests and food security

The region is currently in the grip of an intense drought that has expanded and strengthened since the 2015-16 agricultural season, driven by one of the strongest El Niño of the last 50 years.


First UN aid reaches civilians fleeing clashes in Sudan's Darfur

The first UN convoy carrying aid to civilians fleeing clashes in Sudan's Darfur has reached a peacekeeping base where up to 23,000 people have taken shelter, the UN said Thursday.

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Turkey says 100,000 refugees in border camps inside Syria

Turkish Deputy PM Yalcin Akdogan, whose country has come under pressure to allow in people fleeing the violence, said the refugees were in nine camps just across the border with Syria.

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